Yup, not bankers. Doers. We combine entrepreneurial with operational experience.

Alexandre Barbosa
Alexandre Barbosa
Managing Partner
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva
Rui Melo de Carvalho
Rui Melo de Carvalho
Partner & CFO
Sofia Santos
Sofia Santos
Backed by a powerful network of advisors.
A collective of technical, scientific and industry experts from Europe and the US united around our mission and specialty thesis to support our portfolio founders.
Mário Figueiredo
Distinguished Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (ULisboa), a leading European engineering school. His research interests include signal processing, machine learning, and optimization, being a highly cited researcher in these fields.
Meet our community of founders, professors, data scientists and C-levels, experts in building and growing global data-driven companies.
Anthony Douglas
Co-founder & CEO at Hole19
Diogo Mónica
Co-founder & President at Anchorage
Filipe Almeida
Senior Security Engineer at Snap
Gabriel Coimbra
Group Vice President & Country Manager at IDC
Gonçalo Serpa Pinto
Senior Partner at McKinsey
Hugo Ferreira
Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering & Biophysics at the Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon
Jaime Jorge
Co-founder & CEO at Codacy
Jeff Lynn
Co-founder & Executive Chairman at Seedrs
João Ferro Rodrigues
Co-founder & CEO at Bugle
João Graça
Co-founder & CTO at Unbabel
Liliana Ferreira
Executive Director at Fraunhofer PT AICOS
Pedro Bizarro
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer at Feedzai
Ricardo Oliveira
Co-founder & CTO at Thousand Eyes
Rita Waite
Head of Payments Innovation at Millennium BCP
Sofia Quintero
Co-founder & CEO at EnjoyHQ
Vasco Pedro
Co-founder & CEO at Unbabel
Virgílio Bento
Co-founder & CEO at Sword Health