We invest in new Internet companies.

Mobility, SaaS, platforms and industries where network effects and digital distribution can change the game.

What we do

We continuously search for opportunities to invest in great entrepreneurs and teams building global products and services that improve the way we live and work in a connected world - from concept, to market, to scale.


We work alongside founders from idea to market. Our resident team partners with world-class entrepreneurs to develop their product and business.


We make investments in early stage startups led by outstanding people, to build momentum for launch and initial growth.


We leverage our digital expertise, network and capital to help startups scale into larger markets and get to the next level.

How we do it

We combine vision, execution and capital. By blending a complementary set of competencies and resources, the Faber platform accelerates the momentum of innovative businesses to grow them into successful companies.

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Software Engineering

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Digital Marketing

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Business Strategy


Faber is proud to have invested in the following companies:

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Who we are

Faber Ventures' team combines extensive backgrounds in entrepreneurship, early and late stage technology ventures, venture capital and strategy consulting with top talent in design, technology and business.

Alexandre Barbosa

Managing Partner

P alexandre barbosa

Felix Petersen


P felix petersen

Rui Correia Nunes

Venture Partner

P rui correia

Pedro Carmo Costa

Venture Partner

P pedro carmo

Alberto Sequerra

Chairman & Venture Partner

P alberto sequerra

Sofia Santos

Venture Developer

P sofia santos

Maria d’Orey

Venture Developer

P maria dorey

Rui Melo Carvalho

Finance Lead

P rui carvalho

Ricardo Sequerra

Investment and Growth Lead

P ricardo sequerra

Marcelo Lebre

Lead Developer

P marcelo lebre

Ivan Bruel

Hacker in Residence

P ivan bruel

João Horta

Hacker in Residence

P joao horta

Bruno Oliveira

Hacker in Residence

P bruno oliveira

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We believe in great people doing great things together.

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Career Opportunities

Reach out to us if you want to apply for career opportunities at Faber Ventures or at any of our portfolio companies

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Faber Ventures was founded to support innovative and lasting next-generation businesses.

We are creators and makers:
we love idea generation, but we focus on idea execution.

This is our DNA.

This is Faber.


Skilful, talented, brave, good



(Workshop, factory)

Homo Faber

(Man the Maker)


Faber est suae quisque fortunae

(Every man is the maker of his own destiny)

Appius Claudius Caecus, c. 340 BC - 273 BC